Signs Your Battery May Be Dying

Slow Cranking

Key Clicking Noises

Dim Interior Lights

Dash Battery Light On

Jumpstart Needed

Like so many other components inside your Nissan vehicle, your Nissan car battery is critical to helping you get on the road. The science behind what helps your battery start the car is a little more intricate, but the most important thing you should know is if you're having any car battery problems, you should be contacting our service team at Kelly Nissan of Woburn for your battery service needs.

Three Reasons You Should Never Have A Dead Nissan Battery

1) Multi-Point Inspections Offered At Nissan Dealers
When you visit any Nissan dealership, we offer multi-point inspections that include battery diagnostic testing. This testing will be able to tell you long before your battery dies if there is a problem. With consistent service visits for oil changes or other regular maintenance items, you should never have to worry about when your Nissan battery dying before you know it.

2) Warning Signs Signal Potential Issues
At the very top of this page is a helpful chart we recommend you take a screenshot of on your computer or mobile device. These five warning signs are your vehicle's way of warning you about an impending battery issue or its potential end. If you experience any of these issues or many of these issues at once, it likely means your vehicle's battery is ending its lifecycle. Not to worry though, our Kelly Nissan of Woburn Service team is here for you.

3) Our Service and Parts Team at Kelly Nissan of Woburn
Whether you're the type of person that prefers to change your own battery, or bring it to a local Service Center for servicing, Kelly Nissan of Woburn has you covered. You can order a new Nissan OEM battery for your vehicle at our Nissan Parts Center page here. Otherwise, to schedule your battery replacement or diagnosis, click here. How's that for Making It Easy!