Tires are one of the many vital parts of our vehicles that make it possible for us to get out on the road. Without well-maintained Nissan tires on your Rogue, Altima, Frontier, Versa or Murano, for example, you could be facing serious consequences like calling for a tow service, replacing your own tires on the side of the road or highway, and more extensive damage to your rim, axle, or other portion of your vehicle.

Our Nissan tire service professionals at Kelly Nissan of Woburn in Massachusetts are here so that doesn't happen to you...ever. Shop Nissan tires near you in Woburn, MA below and learn tips on how to keep your tires in good condition!


Why It's Important To Maintain Your Tires

  • Proper tire inflation can save you nearly $0.11 per gallon (quite a bit)
  • Only 19% of consumers properly check and inflate their tires
  • 738 people died in 2017 in accidents resulting from tire-related issues
  • 1 in 4 cars have at least 1 tire significantly underinflated
  • Most vehicles should have a tire rotation done every 5,000-8,000 miles
  • Tires lose about 1 PSI (pound per square inch) of pressure monthly
The amount of accidents and damage resulting from a lack of tire maintenance is overwhelming and can mostly be avoided. Types of tire damage that can occur include:

Tire Blowouts

Rim Damage


Tire Sidewall Damage


How To Maintain Your Tires

There are many ways you can help your tires maintain their longevity, have as little normal wear and tear as possible, and avoid the difficult situations shown above:

1) Check Your Tire Pressure Monthly

One of the top tips shared by many experts is to check your tire pressure monthly on all four wheels. If you're looking for the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, most newer vehicles have it listed on the inside of your door jamb but if not, your vehicle owner's manual should also have it listed. Once you have the correct tire pressure numbers, we recommend taking a photo of it or texting it to yourself as an emergency backup.


2) Get Your Tires Rotated and Balanced Regularly

Regular tire rotations and balancing helps you avoid uneven tire wear. Tire rotations may seem like an unnecessary service for your vehicle, but your front and rear tires wear unevenly naturally due to uneven weight distribution and different functions of your vehicle (turning, braking, etc...). Wheel balancing is also very important, as all tires (new or used) have the slightest difference in weight and can be calibrated properly by a tire service professional. Tire rotations and balancing are very inexpensive services but can help you avoid the horrible situations previously mentioned. Call our Kelly Nissan of Woburn Service Center today or schedule your tire rotation and balancing services online now.


3) Do Not Overload Your Vehicle

As we mentioned previously, inside your driver's door jamb is the information for your vehicle's tire pressure. Also in this area is the maximum amount of weight supported by your vehicle. Avoid overloading your vehicle's max weight capacity to avoid any tire-related issues.


4) Check Regularly For Signs Of Wear Or Potential Issues

Just as drivers tend to forget about checking their tire pressure, they also do not take enough time to inspect their tires for other signs of trouble. Some easy-to-spot signs of trouble include bald tires, tire puncture areas, objects sticking out of your tire (nail/screw), slices on your tire sidewall or tread, scuffs/marks on your rim or tire, wobbly or vibrating tires, or missing lug nuts. Any of these signs could mean it's time for you to replace your tire.


With proper maintenance of your Nissan vehicle's tires, you will have extended the life of your tires, saved a considerable amount of money and time, while also possibly saving lives.